Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you the ones actually selling this stuff???

No, we aren’t. The products on our site are simply what we have selected and sorted for what we thought was interesting for you. We link to other sites where the purchase is finished and get a small commission for routing the sale through our site. So if you’d like to see more of something and less of another, let us know so we can improve the site!

What I want doesn’t ship to my house!!!

Not all of the products we feature ship everywhere, some of the sellers target and sell to only certain regions for one reason or another such as language, postal, or taxational barriers they don’t feel comfortable with.

Sold out! What gives?

Sometimes our partners run out of stock or stop selling an item for reason or another. Feel free to tell us about this so we can take down things that are agonizingly never there.

Broken Link!…I’m aggravated!!!

Definitely let us know if any of our product links are broken, we hate them like canker sores on a bitten tongue and will eliminate them gladly!

I’m having second thoughts… Can I return this?

Contact the seller on the platform where you purchased the product to see about returns; since we didn’t directly make the sale ourselves we can’t guarantee return policies. (But Try: more often than not it’s not a problem).

I found something cool, can I share it??

Yes for sure! Email us the product and why you like it and we’ll consider it for one of our pages.

How can I get updates on new stuff?

Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send you our latest cool stuff when we’ve got a particularly nice list building up.